About 24-7

Our principle aim when forming 24-7 was simple, we wanted to be the best at what we did and then find ways of improving further. Our clients love the service and quality of workmanship that we deliver, but that doesn’t stop us looking at ways to impress them even further. If you had work carried out in your home then you would want the highest standards possible and the people that live and work in your properties deserve no less.

Price is extremely important as budgets are forever getting tighter

but saving money doesn’t have to drive down quality. With the effective management of time, resources and personnel we can provide our people with sufficient time to produce quality workmanship and drive down cost. Our prices even allow us to become second tier contractors.

Your needs could be very different to the needs of others

and that’s where our flexible approach really delivers. You may want to sub contact your entire work program or you may just want to contract out work from time to time when you need to further supplement your own labour resources. We can help in either case and still deliver a first class service.

Trust comes in 3 easy stages

Firstly we can carry out a free demonstration of any of our services in order that you can assess our capabilities for yourself. Should you be happy with our demonstration we can progress to a small controlled trial program which we can then review together, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the results. Finally and only on the basis that you are 100% satisfied we can discuss whether you require us to manage your entire program or just to assist your own labour force when the need arises.

What it means to us

reat everyone you meet with courtesy and respect.


nsure quality workmanship at all times.


ever cut corners.


lways remember every property is somebody’s home.


ever work unsafely or leave a property in an unsafe condition.


ry to work efficiently to reduce waste and client costs.