Commercial, Retail, Educational Sectors.

In addition to working for some of the UK’S largest housing providers and Facilities management companies we also provide our complete range of services directly to the Commercial, Retail and Educational Sectors.
Our services are applicable to any building that requires maintaining from time to time, however we fully appreciate that every site has a different purpose therefore its occupants have very different needs when it comes to how our services are delivered.

Having plenty of experience in a wide variety of sectors allows us to very quickly understand the uniquely different requirements of our clients and design the delivery of our services accordingly. For instance an office building or retail complex may need work carried out at weekends or early in the morning before staff and customers arrive and schools may need work carried out at specific times in the year to avoid disturbing the pupils.

Irrespective of the type of service our clients require every task is completed in the safest possible way taking both the safety of our team and any other users of the site into consideration, in addition all large or multiple site programmes will benefit from a site specific risk assessment.

Whether you have a chain of hotels, a school or a shopping centre our innovative approach, delivered by our dedicated team, will guarantee to deliver the highest quality workmanship at the most competitive price.