Safety is Paramount

As a company we have spent the last 5 years designing a range of services that finally delivers the right mix of quality, price and safety. Up untill now if you wanted gutters emptied or high level window or surface cleaning you had a simple choice, you either put your operative at eye level to the task using really expensive access equipment but in return getting the best finish or you compromised on quality and used high reach pole/vacuum equipment.

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So what’s changed?

Now there is a third option, after 5 years of product and service development we have taken these high reach cleaning systems and modified them to the point that we can offer a truly comparable solution to the manual alternative whilst keeping the unbeatable safety and price benefits to the high reach method. You will be truly impressed with the quality we can achieve with zero risk.

Additional changes

We have also made significant changes to the external decorating sector. We appreciate that there is no high reach pole style solution for decorating therefore our challenge over the last 5 years was to develop a way of using mobile access towers and Crow’s nest style devices to meet the most stringent health and safety policies whilst delivering the versatility and cost saving associated with using a ladder.

You really can now have your properties decorated in line with working at height legislation without additional cost.

As a company we do not allow lone working and all sites from a reactive gutter clearance callout to a full external decorating project are managed from site by a PASMA certified member of management trained in site safety.


“ We have it covered. ” Health & Safety.

Always our number one priority, creating a safe work environment for you and us